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Audiences-First thinking – join WAN-IFRA’s programme to support local, digital transformation in Europe

Audiences-First thinking –  join WAN-IFRA’s programme to support local, digital transformation in Europe

2021-07-08. WAN-IFRA is launching the third round of Table Stakes Europe in partnership with the Google News Initiative Digital Growth Programme. The one-year transformation and coaching programme for regional and local news publishers, a collaboration with Table Stakes architect Doug Smith, will once again welcome twenty-four participating news enterprises.

Applications are now open and will operate on a rolling basis – so early application is an advantage! The programme is scheduled to begin in December 2021 and will run for nine months.

The Table Stakes Europe (TSE) programme is designed to help publishers drive digital revenue growth by refocusing on putting audiences first. Organisations identify and make progress against the challenges facing them in their digital transformation journey over the year long programme. With both in-person and virtual group workshops, expert guest speakers and their peers in the programme, Table Stakes gives participants an array of tools and opportunities to help set them up for success.

In addition to the peer-to-peer learnings and resources provided to the cohorts, teams receive individual support throughout the programme from their coach who meets regularly with their teams and provides guidance and advice. Led by lead coach Doug Smith, the TSE coaching team includes Nick Tjaardstra (Executive Director, Digital Revenue Network, WAN-IFRA), Valérie Arnould (Deputy Director, Digital Revenue Network, WAN-IFRA), Dr. Alexandra Borchardt (Journalist, Keynote Speaker, Senior Research Associate Reuters Institute), Stéphane Mayoux (Independent Psychotherapist, executive coach, former BBC journalist) and Pepe Cerezo (Digital strategist, specialist in digital journalism, online media & new business models).

As a coach, it’s been an inspiration to see how the teams I’ve worked with have taken on board the philosophy and methods of TSE, and especially now as it translates into results”  – Valérie Arnould, TSE Coach, & Author of the Report Becoming Audiences First

Testimonials from participants of previous editions of Table Stakes goes to show how this program is enabling publishers to succeed online by putting their audiences first. The program’s methodologies also helped participants increase their subscribers, and develop new digital products for their specific audiences. We are proud to once again partner with WAN-IFRA on this third edition of Table Stakes Europe.” Shweta Bhandary, Europe Lead for Google News Initiative Digital Growth Program.

Newsrooms who have participated have celebrated many successes throughout their time in the programme, including Südkurier (round 1 participants), who tripled the rate of their daily web subscriptions in the first quarter of 2020 and Diario de Noticias (also in round 1), who gained 3,000 subscribers by experimenting with sales through corporate marketing. Vocento, a participant in the current round, have transitioned to digital-first for their Vivir section and were able to triple their audience. Not only have teams achieved impressive subscription and engagement goals, but many have also successfully reorganised their newsrooms around mini-publishing teams (multidisciplinary teams that serve specific audience groups) as well as transformed their thinking to be more digital-first rather than the traditional print-focused mindset. You can read more about these teams in our report Becoming Audiences First: Report on the first year of Table Stakes Europe (available in English, French, German and Spanish) or on our blog. Additional learnings from the current round will be published and shared once the programme has been completed.

Launched in 2019, Table Stakes Europe has grown to include 12 alumni news publishers from the first round, and 23 current participants in the second and ongoing round, which will conclude at the beginning of October. We are thrilled to begin selecting the next 24 organisations that will join this growing community in the third round. Here’s what participating publishers from round 2 say about the benefits of the programme:

We realised how print centric we were still working at the beginning of the programme and we managed to focus on digital publishing really fast. We were reassured that changes in the newsroom can have a very big impact.” -Ramona Adolf, Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen.

TSE helped us to bring the right perspectives into our restructuring program for the newsroom and give us several options for the next challenges we have to face in our organisations.” -Alexander Houben, Saarbrücker Zeitung / Trierischer Volksfreund

It is helping to accelerate the focus on Audiences vs focus on themes or products. It is also helping to work as accountable teams vs experts working together.” -Estefanía Nicolás Recarte, Diario de Navarra

TSE has helped accelerate our digital transformation, giving us a way to make things happen. The methodology of the key wins, the design-do, participate to make us advance more quickly. We are more efficient and result oriented.” -Olivier Deheneffe, Editions de L’Avenir


“The program has provided access to a level of knowledge and expertise in the field of monetising content that would not have been accessible otherwise. Baylis now looks at the editorial department as a revenue generating centre.” –Jeremy Spooner, Baylis Media Ltd

If you are interested in learning more about the programme, we will host an informational session on 15 July, in German, with coaches Alexandra Borchardt and Nick Tjaardstra. We will also host an information session with TSE architect Doug Smith, in English, on 21 July.

You can find more details about the programme curriculum, eligibility to enter, and the application process at www.tablestakes-europe.org

Contact and Inquiries

For more information (in English or German), interviews or to make contact with participants, please contact Nick Tjaardstra, Executive Director, Digital Revenue Network, WAN-IFRA nick.tjaardstra@wan-ifra.org

Si vous souhaitez plus d’information, désirez un entretien avec un coach ou un des participants au programme, vous pouvez contacter Valérie Arnould, Directrice adjointe, Digital Revenue Network, WAN-IFRA

Si desea más información o quiere hablar con un asesor, póngase en contacto con Pepe Cerezo, Table Stakes Europe Coach jose.cerezog@gmail.com

Source – https://wan-ifra.org/2021/07/audiences-first-thinking-join-wan-ifras-programme-to-support-local-digital-transformation-in-europe/

Written by – Vincent Peyrègne


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