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Women in Media and Safety – 2nd workshop

Women in Media and Safety – 2nd workshop

The “Women in Media and Safety” 2-day Sinhala medium workshop, organized by the Sri Lanka Press Institute in conjunction with UNESCO, took place at Hotel Janaki on 27 th and 28 th June 2020. A mix of Colombo and Provincial journalists were invited to attend the event. A total of 6 different sessions were held during this weekend under a selection of topics that would benefit women journalists in Sri Lanka.

Each session was conducted by a trainer who is well experienced in their given field. Certificates were awarded to the participants at the end of the workshop, topping off a successful event.


The sessions focussed key areas that tackled issues for women in media listed below;


Briefing of Current Media Climate and Women – Field Level Issues Faced by Women Journalist Ms. Uditha Jayasinghe

Legal Framework for Women’s Safety / Employment Ms. Radika Gunarathna

Trauma and Stress Management Dr .Kanthi Hettigoda

Journalist Health and Hygiene During the Times of COVID-19 Dr. F H D Shehan Silva

Digital Safety Mr. Haritha Dahanayaka

Offline Safety Mr. Kamal Liyanarachhci

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