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Why I created World News Day and why you should get involved

Why I created World News Day and why you should get involved

World News Day began in 2017 as a challenge to the news industry from Globe and Mail Editor-in-Chief, David Walmsley.  This year 300 newsrooms are expected to be part of the growing global news industry campaign. Walmsley tells us why he initiated World News Day, and about the special focus for September 28, 2021.

“I created World News Day because I was determined to change the relationship between the news industry and the audience,” writes David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief of the Globe and Mail, Canada.

“The days of news editors exclusively defining what news is are over. The digital revolution taught us that instead we have to put the audience first.

So in creating World News Day back in 2017/8 I issued a challenge to the industry. Let us all meet on one day a year across all the continents and give the stage to our audiences. Give them a foothold to express what is important to them and what they want journalism to focus on. To give the youth of the world an entry point to an influential industry that must do a better job of listening. And to showcase best practices that can inspire colleagues both near and far.

Journalists are there to represent the public. How do we better ensure all voices are heard?

World News Day is about clearing the desk and settling in. To listen to how journalism has helped your community. Or what you miss now that your local paper has closed and your town no longer has a journalist digging in to stories.

Journalists are considered in too many parts of the world to be trouble makers. I want audience members to meet their reporters and hear the effort they put in to getting the story right. To set the news events of the year to music. To hear the sound of news, not just read it.

The Pandemic Years have taught us that the forces of inequality have never been greater but on the optimistic side, the common journey for us all on Earth is shared.

That’s why this year’s World News Day focuses on climate. On September 28 we want to hear from you – wherever you live. Place your thoughts about journalism on social media. Write articles for your local paper. Join a local event in your village. Wherever you are, join in the conversation about climate and journalism.

The challenges facing our planet need all of our attention and through your participation, we can improve the journalism and build a greater sense of urgency and relevance that helps us all.

World News Day is for the audience not the journalism industry. It exists to celebrate strong journalism and to push for more of it.”

David Walmsley, World Editors’ Forum board member, Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail, Canada

World News Day is a joint initiative of the World Editors Forum and Canadian Journalism Foundation. Interested in joining the 2021 campaign? Email: AJones@worldnewsday.org

Source – https://wan-ifra.org/2021/05/why-i-created-world-news-day-and-why-you-should-get-involved/


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