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War in Ukraine – List of journalists who are victims gets longer by the day

War in Ukraine – List of journalists who are victims gets longer by the day
Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has documented attacks directly targeting journalists wearing a “Press” armband, and has seen more and more of them killed or injured in the course of their work. RSF offers support to journalists in the field and calls on the Russian and Ukrainian authorities to guarantee their safety, in accordance with international conventions.

As part of its monitoring of the press freedom situation in Ukraine, RSF has been keeping an up-to-date record of attacks on journalists and media outlets since the invasion by the Russian army. This interactive map, which is regularly updated, provides a record of press freedom violations that have taken place in Ukraine.



  • Friday 18 March. The staff of the independent media outlet Hromadske announced there had been no sign of life from journalist Victoria Roshchyna since 12 March and that witnesses saw her for the last time in the southeastern city of Berdiansk. They suspect that the Russian army kidnapped her.
  • Wednesday 16 March. A Russian missile struck the TV tower in the city of Vinnytsia, according to the Rada, the Ukrainian parliament. TV and radio broadcasting in and around the city was temporarily suspended.


  • Monday 14 March. A crew from the US TV channel Fox News was targeted by artillery fire in Horenka, near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. French-Irish cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian producer Olexandra Kuvshynova were killed in the attack. Shrapnel caused British journalist Benjamin Hall serious leg injuries.


  • Monday 14 March. A missile was fired at a TV and radio tower in the village of Vynarivka, in the Kyiv region, according to the head of the regional military administration, Oleksiy Kuleba.


  • Monday 14 March. An airstrike damaged the TV tower in the Rivne region, according to the head of the regional military administration, Vitaliy Koval.


  • Sunday 13 March. US documentary filmmaker Brent Renaud was fatally shot in the back of the neck while driving his car in the town of Irpin, northwest of Kyiv. Juan Arredondo, the US-Colombian journalist who was with him, was injured and hospitalised.


  • Saturday 12 March. Oleg Baturin, a journalist working for Novy Den in Kakhovka (in the Kherson region), disappeared in the afternoon. Russian soldiers were seen near the meeting place to which he was reportedly heading, according to local sources. Units of the Russian armed forces were stationed in the nearby town of Nova Kakhovka.


  • Friday 11 March. Marian Kushnir, a reporter for Radio Svoboda (the Russian-language service of the Prague-based US broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty), was injured in a rocket attack in Baryshivka, near Kyiv. He was treated for a concussion.


  • Wednesday 9 March. The Bilopillya TV tower, northwest of Sumy, was the target of a Russian airstrike.


  • Tuesday 8 March. Russian soldiers stormed the TV tower in the city Berdiansk, which houses several local media, including the radio station Novosti Berdiansk, the newspaper Berdianskiye Vedomosti and the TV channel Youg TV. The soldiers held around 50 journalists hostage for more than five hours and subjected them to physical violence for refusing to broadcast Kremlin propaganda, a witness told RSF.


  • Tuesday 8 March. Viktoria Roshchina, a Ukrainian journalist reporting for the independent TV channel Hromadskewas shot at when her car crossed a column of Russian tanks in the Zaporizhzhia region. She and her driver had to abandon the vehicle and seek refuge in nearby fields. Soldiers broke into the car and confiscated her equipment.


  • Sunday 6 March. Swiss photographer Guillaume Briquet narrowly escaped death when he came under fire after passing a checkpoint on a road between Kropyvnytskyi and Mykolaiv, in the south of the country. After he had been wounded in the face and arm by glass splinters from his windshield, presumed members of a Russian special commando harassed him and robbed of 3,000 euros and film equipment.


  • Sunday 6 March. A second strike hit the Kharkiv TV tower


  • Saturday 5 March. A crew working for the London-based pan-Arab TV channel Al-Araby TV – reporter Adnan Can and cameraman Habip Demirci – came under Russian fire in Irpin, a suburb of Kyiv. Shots were aimed at their car even though they had attached a white flag and “Press” signs to it. They found refuge with local residents but were unable to leave for the next four days because of the fighting that was taking place.


  • Saturday 5 March. The fixer of a team of foreign journalists disappeared on a road near Kyiv, in an area controlled by Russian forces. He had to abandon the car rented by the journalists because it was targeted with automatic weapon fire although a “press” sign was displayed. RSF learned that he was being held by Russian soldiers.


  • Thursday 3 March. Vojtech Bohac and Majda Slamova, two Czech journalists reporting for Voxpot, were sharing a car with two Ukrainian journalists with Central TV when they came under fire from Russian soldiers using AK-47 assault rifles in Makariv, on the outskirts of Kyiv. None of them was injured.


  • Wednesday 2 March. Three TV towers – in Kharkiv, Korosten and Lysychansk – were hit by Russian airstrikes.


  • Tuesday 1 March. Evgeny Sakun, a cameraman for the local Kyiv Live TV channel, was killed when Russian missiles hit the Kyiv TV tower.


  • Monday 28 February. A crew with the UK’s Sky News TV channel – consisting of four Brits and a Ukrainian journalist – were heading toward Bucha when shots were fired at them. Reporter Stuart Ramsay sustained a gunshot injury to the lower back while cameraman Richie Mockler’s body armour stopped two rounds.


  • Saturday 26 February. Stefan Weichert and Emil Filtenborg Mikkelsen, two Danish reporters for the Danish newspaper Ekstra-Bladet, were badly injured by shots fired by an unidentified gunman in the northeastern town of Okhtyrka. They were treated in a nearby hospital until evacuated and hospitalised in Denmark a few days later.


To contact the Press Freedom Centre created by RSF in Lviv: lvivpfc@rsf.org


Ukraine is ranked 97th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2021 World Press Freedom Index, while Russia is ranked 150th.

Source – https://rsf.org/en/news/war-ukraine-list-journalists-who-are-victims-gets-longer-day

Image Credit – Robin Grassi RSF


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