Media Observation
During Elections

Sri Lanka Press Institute

Sri Lanka

About "MODE"

During elections, the mainstream media plays a vital role in reporting the message of candidates and parties. The extent and the content of the coverage of a candidate or a party in the media have the potential to change the perspectives of the voters and influence their political decisions. The purpose of this tool is to provide insight into media organizations, newsrooms, and those who are interested in this field to understand the coverage of the elections on media providing an overview of media behavoiur in covering elections. This tool enables those who are involved in observing the media to observe, track and archive the coverage pertaining to various elections in a country.

Sri Lanka Press Institute

The Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) is a leading media development institute, established by the Newspaper Society of Sri Lanka, The Editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka, the Free Media Movement, and the Sri Lanka Working Journalists’ Association in 2003 with an objective to advocate for media freedom and to professionalize journalism. The guiding principle for the SLPI’s mission is based on the Colombo Declaration on Media Freedom and Social Responsibility of 1998, subsequently, revisited in 2008 & 2018.