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Workshop on Visual Journalism

Workshop on Visual Journalism

SLPI conducted a Three-day workshop (31 st January, 1st and 2 nd February) on ‘Visual
Journalism’ at The Villas Wadduwa. SLPI hosted this event in collaboration with Deutsche
Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the British Council Sri
Lanka, in partnership with the Ministry of National Integration, Official Languages, Social
Progress, and Hindu Religious Affairs and Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT)
Germany. The guest speakers were Mr. Nadaraja Manivanan and Natalie Soysa.
The workshop was structured to discuss photography-based storytelling, video story
creation, and post-production techniques. Around 30 journalists from different media streams
participated in this workshop. They got a chance to participate actively in promoting national
integration and reconciliation within Sri Lanka’s media sector by creating video and
photo stories.


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