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Eco Journalism Training Program for Western Province Journalists

Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) conducted the third training program on “Eco Journalism” for provincial journalists in the Western Province on 9 and 10 December 2022 at the SLPI premises. The training sessions were conducted by University of Moratuwa Senior Lecturer Dr. Thusitha Sugathapala and Environmental Journalist and Media Trainer Malaka Rodrigo in Sinhala. The program also included a special session on air pollution and air quality management, conducted by the Ministry of Environment Air Resources and National Ozone Unit Environment Development Officer Nanda Lal Senaratne. The program further featured another online sessionEnvironmental journalist at Upali Newspapers Ltd. Supun Lahiru Prakash on the Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC). The interactive training program focused on pressing environmental issues such as solid waste management, renewable energy, and climate change, and air pollution. The journalists were also able to discuss challenges faced while reporting environmental issues and gained knowledge on available resources and how to report environmental issues with accuracy and in a manner that the stories would educate and sensitize the public.  


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