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RTI Training for Journalists, Media Professionals and CSOs in Galle

The first program of a series of training programs on “RTI: Let us Protect Our Right through the Right to Information” for journalists, media professionals, and Civil Society Organizations organized by the SLPI together with the Direct Aid Program (DAP) of the Australian High Commission was held on 17 October 2022 at the Aradhana Hotel in the Galle District.

The training program captured areas such as the introduction of RTI to Sri Lanka and its significance, provisions and procedures, and the Decided Orders of the RTI Commission. The training program ended with a Question and Answer session conducted by the RTI Commissioner Attorney-at-Law Kishali Pinto Jayawardena which allowed the CSO members and journalists to directly get the views of the Commission on the problems faced in the use of the Information Act.

Senior Journalist, Media Trainer, and SLPI Researcher Ananda Dharmapriya Jayasekara, University of Colombo Lecturer and Lawyer G.P. Dumindu Madushan, Lawyer and SLPI Researcher Shalani Kaushalya Fernando were the resource persons in this workshop. SLPI Chief Executive Officer Kumar Lopez was also present during the training program.



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