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Media Salon on Stress and Mental Health; Reporting in a Time of a Pandemic

Sri Lanka Press Institute hosted two media salons for journalists on  “Stress and Mental Health; Reporting in a Time of a Pandemic” on 30th April 2020 and 3rd May 2020 for Sinhala and Tamil audiences respectively. The salons were supported by IREX USAID and were aimed at providing journalists awareness on stress and mental health issues during the COVID-29 situation and address specific mental health challenges faced by journalists.

Approaches in tackling mental health issues and responsible reporting that helps contain stress levels of the public were communicated by the speakers followed by Q&A sessions that led to further clarification, explanation, and discussion of key thoughts and advice.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr. Neli Fernando and Clinical psychiatrist Dr. Kanthi Hettiogoda, were speakers for the media salon moderated in Sinhala and  Consultant psychiatrist Dr. Sivathas Sivasubramaninum,  led the Media Salon moderated in Tamil language.

Both the salons had a total of over 70 participants who were journalists, students of journalism, and members of civil society.




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