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2014 Publication

The Right to Information (RTI) is a central component of any modern democracy founded on people’s sovereignty. The Constitution of Sri Lanka, in Article 3, vests power in the People and explicitly recognises the sovereignty of the People. The People can effectively exercise power through their representatives only if the system of governance is accountable and transparent. In this context, an important public debate on RTI has emerged in Sri Lanka. The media is often described as the ‘fourth estate’ in a functioning democracy, due to its essential role in governance. Journalists play a critical role in providing information and analyses on government activity to the People. They are, therefore, vital to ensuring government accountability and transparency. For this reason, journalists are often at the heart of RTI discourse. Meanwhile, civil society organisations have played a critical role in securing RTI around the world. Success stories from every region illustrate the value of civil society activism, particularly in respect of generating public awareness and lobbying policy makers. This Guide aims to raise awareness on RTI and to equip and motivate advocates within the media community and within civil society organisations to campaign for RTI in Sri Lanka. The Guide is intended to serve as a resource for future conversations and as a tool for advocacy.

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2012 Source Book for Journalists

2012 Source Book for Journalists

The third Edition of the Source Book for Journalists was published in 2012 for the use of journalists, members of the diplomatic community, clergy and the general public who find it difficult to get information pertaining to Ministries and their Ministers, Members of Parliament, Provincial Councils, the judiciary and a host of other important contact informations. The contact directory put out by the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) has 280 pages and is A5 in size. Its paperback design helps it to be stored, transported and referred to at great ease. The handy book has its listings in alphabetical order making it easy to refer and user friendly. Copies are available at Rs. 500 each at the Sri Lanka Press Institute, 96 Kirula Road, Colombo 05. Contact 011 5353635, E-mail: info@slpi.lk


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